Friday has arrived and we have News News News for you!

First off, we here at Muttis Booking are proud to welcome a new member to the family:
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation mix Jamaican based contemporary music, an essence of ska,
early reggae, and rocksteady with a pinch of punk n' roll, fresh sounds from the sample box and impressively cool minimalistic arrangements. Their revolutionary formation of one man on vocals, guitar AND "Rudie" drums, charged up with authentic vintage organ and held down with deep reggae bass make this "One-man Trio" an exciting and fresh new force in the scene.

Be sure to catch them live supporting Muttis-Booking artists The Offenders next month:

29.12.2016 DE / Köln / Underground Cologne
30.12.2016 DE / Berlin / Clash Berlin /


Ebri Knight has been on the road setting fires supporting our boys Talco but we are excited to present a couple German solo shows in addition to the Talco tour. Their high energy cocktail of Folk, Ska and Punk from Barcelona will have you jumping for joy. Be sure to mark your calendars!

-----EBRI KNIGHT-----
15.01.2017 DE / Berlin / Supamolly
16.01.2017 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang /


Last but not least, Muttis-Booking will now be handling German booking for Lennon Kelly from Italy!
The project came to life in 2011 among the green hills of Cesena, Romagna through a common interest in folk, Irish and Romagna music. Drenched in Sangiovese and whiskey, they began to blend different musical influences with the main folk backbone that brought them together and unites them. Their music can be seen as a combination of folk, rock, punk, ska with good dose of Italian songwriting and a lack of sobriety! /


As usual be sure to check out our facebook page ( for fun extras , as well as our bands on the road this weekend.

All of us here at Muttis Booking Büro wish you a fun and safe weekend!



18.11.2016 DE / Hannover / Béi Chéz Heinz
19.11.2016 DE / Erfurt / Ilvers Musicbar

18.11.2016 DE / Trier / Exhaus / Trier w/ Abramowicz + Lulu & die Einhornfarm (Milliarden canceled due to injury, but the show is still on with partial refund!)
20.11.2016 CH / Solothurn / Kofmehl Solothurn w / Abramowicz

LOADED >>> Loaded
19.11.2016 DE / Offenburg / Spitalkeller Offenburg w/ No Authority
17.12.2016 DE / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei

TALCO >>> Talco
18.11.2016 SE / Novi Sad / SKCNS Fabrika
19.11.2016 HU / Budapest / KVLT BP
20.11.2016 AT / Graz / Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv


Hello friends & family.

The tour of COPPERSKY & Abramowicz will start tomorrow (17.11.2016) in Koblenz Circus Maximus!
Make sure to get you tickets in advance.

We can not wait! See you on the road!!

More infos here:


Happy Monday Mutti-ites!

We thought we'd start the week off right with a little reminder that Tiger Lilly Marleen and her BONSAI KITTEN-boys are going to be making a rare appearance this coming weekend!

Be sure to catch the dates below and check out their latest single and video, "The Darkest Light", to get you in the mood.

-----BONSAI KITTEN 2016-----
18.11.2016 DE / Hannover / Béi Chéz Heinz
19.11.2016 DE / Erfurt / Ilvers Musicbar


Hello friends!! Next week Talco will hit the road again!
Make sure to get your tickets in advance and don't miss them!

17.11.2016 SK / Bratislava / Randal Club - live&wild rock'n'roll music club

18.11.2016 SE / Novi Sad / Skc Novi Sad

19.11.2016 HU / Budapest / KVLT BP

20.11.2016 AT / Graz / Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv


11.11.2016 DE / Konstanz / JugendKultur e.V. Contrast
12.11.2016 DE / Herrenberg / JuHa HerrenbergLecko Mio Festival

11.11.2016 DE / Gadebusch / Kultur und Toleranz e.V. Gadebusch (K.u.T.)
12.11.2016 DE / Halle / GiG Kneipe




¡LA RAIZ! - / La Raíz (facebook)

Tickets on sale now!
Berlin Lido Berlin -
Hamburg Fabrik Hamburg -


Ladies and Gentlemen,
We here at Muttis Booking are proud to announce the impending arrival of some true Legends!

After headlining and smashing the last Rebellion Punk Music Festival, releasing a brand new album entitled "Vicious", OUT NOW on Cleopatra Records, and serving up over 40 years worth of snarling punk rock...

Slaughter And The Dogs are finally returning to European soil with their fearsome live show for a 2017 tour!

Be sure to check out the dates so far, with more to come, to catch these gods of punk and pick-up "Vicious" without all those stupid overseas fees!


23.02.2017 DE / Freiburg / Gaststätte Walfisch
24.02.2017 DE / Nürnberg / Z-Bau (Roter Salon)
25.02.2017 DE / Essen / Freak SHOW
26.02.2017 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom Köln
01.03.2017 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang
02.03.2017 DE / Berlin / SO36 w/ Splitting Image + StrgZ
03.03.2017 DE / Dresden / Chemiefabrik
04.03.2017 CZ / Prag / Klub 007 Strahov
06.03.2017 PL / Torun / Hard Rock Pub Pamela - Hrp Pamela
10.03.2017 NL / Rotterdam / Baroeg
11.03.2017 DE / Düsseldorf / Zakk Düsseldorf
14.03.2017 FR / Toulouse / Saint des Seins
15.03.2017 FR / Lyon / Ninkasi Kfe
18.03.2017 IT / Bologna / Il Covo
21.03.2017 FR / Montpellier / Secret Place
22.03.2017 ESP / Valencia / 16 Toneladas
23.03.2017 ESP / Madrid / Gruta 77 Madrid
25.03.2017 ESP / Badalona / Estraperlo (Club del Ritme)
More TBA

Hip-Hip-Hurray! The weekend is here!

We've got 3 killer bands on the road this weekend who you won't want to miss:

*COPPERSKY - Rock, Rock and more Rock from the Netherlands!

*The Offenders - Thee one-and-only Ska-Rockers extraordinaire!

*Topper - Sweat-drenched Swedish Punk!

The Muttis-gang will be at Clash Berlin tonight to check out the Stockholm rockers TOPPER plus PLASTIC PROPAGANDA from Hamburg, but be sure to take a look at the dates below to see which of these awesome bands will be in your town!

So friends, have fun and be safe!
Here's COPPERSKY's new video to "Bankrupt/ Backchannels" to get you in the mood.


04.11.2016 DE / Kiel / Schaubude w/ Abramowicz
05.11.2016 DE / Düsseldorf / The Tube w/ Abramowicz
06.11.2016 DE / Essen / Anyway (half acoustic)


04.11.2016 DE / Hamburg / Monkeys - Soliparty
05.11.2016 DE / Düsseldorf / LZ Hinterhof


04.11.2016 DE / Berlin / Clash w/ Plastic Propaganda
05.11.2016 DE / Lübeck / Treibsand