The story of NH3s starts in August 2002 in the district Villa San Martino in Pesaro.

The first years the band was called AMMONIKA and with a clear reference to the chemical formula of ammonia, they later changed the name to NH3, with a reinforced sound that is more aggressive and with lyrics with a great impact, aim at the essence of the ska/core music, that makes you jump and have fun and at the same time makes you reflect and act.

With “EROI SENZA VOLTO” - the first record under the new name - the band comes up important stages and they start to get close to the Italian and foreign anti-fascist settings. For the first time NH3 overstep the Italian frontiers with their first European tour (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic). The enthusiasm and the grit increase, and so does the desire to shout for your ideals.

With the experience, humility, and the influence of the places that NH3s frequented, they born in July 2013 “RISE UP”, a strongly colored album, with a combat and militant sonority, an aggressive and strong sound influenced by ska 2tone, reggae and hardcore.

With a punk/rock rhythm, NH3s sing about the importance of resistance and of ideals and about the total refusal of an unscrupulous society that tries to take away the chasteness of the thought. They create songs of a real and sincere scene made of strong bonds of friendship, an old school that can learn from the past.  A continuous rise up, a new dawn, a new start. An album that talks about the people and for the people, in a historic moment in which the logical an human thread seems lost.




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