If you like Pop-Punk in the style of Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Apers or The Riverdales - then you probably know THE COPYRIGHTS already anyway and we don't have to tell you anymore, who good these guys are!

The Copyrights formed in 2002 of Brett Hunter (vocals, guitar), Adam Fletcher (vocals, bass), Jeff Funbug (vocals, guitar) and Luke McNeill (drums) and are under contract at “Red Scare Industries”. The Boys released their first album in 2003, named “We Didn´t Come Here To Die” (produced by Mass Giorgini). The album “Learn The Hard way”, released in 2008, was embarked on a UK tour supporting “Kepi Ghouli”. In 2011, their newest studioalbum “North sentinel Island appeared”.

The latest work of The Copyrights gives you a taste of their upcoming full length with a single for the song “Crutches” and some bonus demo tracks. The band has matured, but their trademark hooks and choruses are on full display. Buzzpop lives!



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