Outernational Dirty Reggae
Dirty Reggae band Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation strikes again!
The World gets rougher, climate changes, nationalism rises, refugees
drown, bad news, more and more trouble but who cares? What is your
reaction besides to stop watching the news? What is your part? Are
you one of those who pretends to know nothing or do you take life in
your hand?
This is pretty much the mood Johnny Ska and Chrissy Reggae faced
while songwriting for Trouble, their sixth release in the past eight
years after four vinyl singles and their highly appreciated debut
album. It contains twelve hard-grooving well-produced songs that
deal with energy, anger, mindset, power, good and bad forces and the
overall question how we deal with the current changes in our
everyday life. Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?
No matter if you act or react, you are making history. So if you’re
really pissed, just turn round and resist.
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation emerged from the Ska scene. Music by
the fans for the fans. Deeply connected to their roots & culture,
musically well trained and influenced by Jamaican-based music still
open-hearted and willing to spread their wings to embrace the world
musically and literally.
Their debut album No Bam Bam (Pork Pie, 2017) was widely acclaimed
with enthusiastic reviews and made its way to the heart of the Ska
and Reggae scene right away. Drawing influences as wide as Early
Reggae, Ska, Soul and Punk their original acoustic threesome has
become one of the most respected bands in the German Ska scene.
Trouble is the mind blowing and highly anticipated next contribution
to the amazing global Ska community. It features Dirty Reggae
scorchers as well as danceable Ska tunes but even serves up some
musical surprise. While their debut was mixed by Grammy
award-winning Dub producer Victor Rice, for the production of their
second studio album the band consciously renounced big names and
laid trust in the visions of mastermind Johnny Ska, who recorded,
mixed and produced Trouble at The Foundation Room studio.
After playing countless shows all over Germany, appearing at many
festivals like the legendary This is Ska and sharing stages with
bands such as The Selecter, Bad Manners, Roy Ellis, Buster Shuffle
and The Skatalites, to name a few, the band focused on recording in
Saying goodby Rudie Drums to raise their sound was a huge step to
the band which also had a great impact on the studio work. For the
first time, Johnny Reggae recorded a regular drum set instead of
using the the Rudie Drums Johnny Ska had been playing with his feet
The former one-man-band-trio Johnny Ska, Chrissy Reggae & Rolo Teng
has evolved to a regular four piece band, now supported by Sgt.
Pepper, a hard-hitting drummer, who was a member of Rakede and
played as sideman to such illustrious Hip Hop acts like Xatar. His
unrestrained power elevates Johnny Reggae’s band sound to an
incredible energetic level.
So if you dig on Dirty Reggae or rockin’ & rollin’ Ska music or just
want to dance your ass off, we highly recommend to attend one of
their upcoming shows and definitely grab your copy of Trouble.
Trouble is arrivin' - February 14, 2020.



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