The Shit Talkers like to talk, but they love to play music.
Commentating on thier friends antics purely for laughs, produced some really great songs. Eager ears and over active minds spinning hilarious outcomes. Meanwhile on a continuous kitchen party, the local Vancouver music scene has proven to be a wealth of fascinating material with songs about many local personalities, but they keep them guessing who it may be about!!
Typically shit talk consists of topics such as sex, politics, hobbies, humour or random daily events. Laced with some of profanity and crudeness shit talk is usually identified with negativity but these gals are having too much fun !! Their “shit talk: translates as they like talking about a lot of “shit” about a great many things.
Shit talk has no boundaries or limits and its main focus is entertainment and a laugh.
New Vinyl Release "I Scream" out soon!