TV Smith, singer, songwriter, and founder member of legendary 1977 punks “The Adverts” teams up with Spains “Bored Teenagers” to play songs from the two classic Adverts albums “CROSSING THE RED SEA” and “CAST OF THOUSANDS” live.

All the classics will be there, from the notorious top 20 hit single “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes,” to “One Chord Wonders,” “Bored Teenagers,” “Great British Mistake,” “Bombsite Boy,” “New Church”…in fact, “Crossing The Red Sea” will be played almost in its entirety, as well as B-sides such as “We Who Wait” and a selection of songs from the lesser-known but now highly-regarded second Adverts album “Cast Of Thousands.”

This is not a copy. This is the authentic punk sound of 1977, still just as relevant today as it was then, played by the man who first brought these songs to the public, with a hungry, hand-picked band from Spain. An unmissable opportunity to experience the spirit of ’77, alive and kicking in 2018.

TV Smith

The Bored Teenagers