May i have your attention please. Our alltime faves The Briefs are on tour again and it starts today!!!!

TADAAAAAAH, just in case somebody will forget his/her pills.

Don´t worry, here´s the CYANIDE PILLS!!!!

Dear Punkrockers!!!

We are happy to announce 999 is comin´ to Germany in March 2019!!!

AT LAST!! the BRiEFS return to Europe for a CLUB TOUR into their favorite holy kingdoms to share their unique take on the birth of everyone's fave baby Jesus and the resulting joy that followed.

Find the ticketlinks and eventpages on the "on tour" section!

See you soon!!

Allright Ladies and Gentlemen. The Godfathers of Full Throttle Speedrock are comin´ back and makin´ a mess outta Europe!!!



Hello everybody!,
Satanic Surfers will be back for a little run through Blegium, Netherlands & Germany. One show per country, sounds fair, right!

On all shows they will be supported by the great Antillectual!

31.01.2019 NL / Utrecht / EKKO
01.02.2019 BE / Oostende / Fuifzaal Elysée
02.02.2019 DE / Münster / Skaters Palace Café


Hello everybody!
Same procedure as every year.
THE OFFENDERS are back at the Clash, for the last show of the year. As always!

Here are all of the December shows:

25.12.2018 DE / Chemnitz / AJZ Weihnachtspogo
26.12.2018 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang
27.12.2018 DE / Kiel / Die Pumpe
28.12.2018 DE / Hannover / Bei Chez Heinz
29.12.2018 DE / Berlin / Clash