Dear briefs fans and haters, just like the  reunion tour " when hell freezes over" by the eagles, the briefs are back with a new single on TAKENBYSURPRISE records,  that you're sure to melt into an ashtray! It's limited and has a screen printed cover! You should pick one up. There is only one problem, it's only available at one of our four upcoming European shows. But don't cry, you babies! You can get the official non-screen printed edition in a month or so from TAKENBYSURPISE Records but, you'll never be able sell that one on eBay. So come see them in December and buy their records! 

The first new Briefs recordings in over a decade finally see the light of day!
Seattle's fab four deliver two stand out tracks of melodic punkrock that are taking cues from the golden eras of an equal part US and UK punk and will leave you wanting more...


Today the Rebellion starts!!!

How quickly the time is flying!!!

Come see The Rumjacks at a show in your town!!!

Woohoohoo. Something new is comin at you

200 white label advanced copies with hand screen printed covers and special edition sticker
20 with special brown paper, koolaid splatter covers + sticker
Only to be sold on our up coming mini european tour and Rebellion festival 2018
only 45 singles available at each show.
No singles sold at the Franken warm up show, you'll just have to go to SO36 like everyone else.
Official release to come in Oct/Nov.

sound good?

Hey, we´re excited and so damn happy to spread the news that The Briefs will be back after 10 dark and lonely years. Make sure to be there and show ´em all your love!!!

Hello everybody!
Ok, we let the cat out of the bag!
We are really happy and proud to announce that TV Smith's new cd "land Of The Overdose" will be out at 14th of september 2018, released by JKP, the record label from the Toten Hosen.
It is his 17th solo album which TV Smith, started 1976 as the singer of the legendary punkrock band The Adverts, wrote and recorded in the studio completely by himself.
The change of the political scene, the Brexit and espionage activities in social networks gave TV Smith enough reasons to put his rage about it in lyrics and make new songs.
We can't wait to hear them!
Of course TV Smith will play the new songs and his well-known hits during the "Land Of The Overdose Tour 2018" which starts at 27.09. in Cologne.
Don't miss it!
For singing along word-perfect order his new record here:

27.09.2018 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom

28.09.2018 DE / Wiesbaden / Kreativfabrik

29.09.2018 DE / Schwäbisch Gmünd / Esperanza

30.09.2018 DE / Balingen / Doppeldecker

05.10.2018 DE / Bad Wörishofen / Whiskyblues

06.10.2018 DE / Amberg / Trio „25 Jahre Special Gue$t“ w/ Special Gue$t, Chuch of Confidence

07.10.2018 DE / Hanau / Hanau A Go-Go

17.10.2018 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang

18.10.2018 DE / Kiel / Schaubude

19.10.2018 DE / Berlin / Wild at Heart

20.10.2018 DE / Schwerin / Steinis Pub

25.10.2018 AT / Wien / Chelsea

10.11.2018 BE / Leuven / Het Depot „Breaking Barriers“ Festival

15.11.2018 DE / Buxtehude / The Rebel’s Choice

16.11.2018 DE / Osnabrück / Dirty+Dancing

23.11.2018 DE / Düsseldorf / Pitcher

24.11.2018 DE / Düsseldorf / Pitcher

29.11.2018 CH / Rorschach / Treppenhaus

30.11.2018 CH / Basel / Kulturbeiz 113

01.12.2018 CH / Luzern / Sedel

13.12.2018 DE / Dortmund / FZW "Copacabanana Festival"

15.12.2018 DE / Metzingen / Club Thing


Hello everybody,
The Real McKenzies tour starts in two days!
Warm Up is Zum Faulen August, Cottbus , after that 36 more shows will follow. So they only playing a mini-tour this year.

We hope to see you all soon in front of the stage, at the merch table or at the bar! See you all soon! CHEERS!