Hello everybody,
The Real McKenzies tour starts in two days!
Warm Up is Zum Faulen August, Cottbus , after that 36 more shows will follow. So they only playing a mini-tour this year.

We hope to see you all soon in front of the stage, at the merch table or at the bar! See you all soon! CHEERS!

Hello everybody!,
our bands are out on the road again to play some festivals and club shows. We got a couple of bands at the great "Back To Future" and "Mighty Sounds". Hope you already on the way to one of the these festivals.

Cyanide Pills
13.07.2018 DE / Lübeck / Treibsand - Lübeck
14.07.2018 DE / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE

Die Dorks
13.07.2018 DE / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE

The Dreadnoughts
13.07.2018 DE / Eggolsheim / Shamrock Castle Festival
14.07.2018 CZ / Tabor / Mighty Sounds

Ebri Knight
14.07.2018 DE / Tettnang / Rock im Vogelwald

The Rumjacks
13.07.2018 DE / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE
14.07.2018 CZ / Tabor / Mighty Sounds

15.07.2018 CZ / Tabor / Mighty Sounds

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! CHEERS!

Hello friends!!
Cyanide Pills will be back for a short tour through Germany!
They start at Freak SHOW, drive up to the north - to Lübeck and will have their last show at the great BACK TO FUTURE!

12.07.2018 DE / Essen / Freak SHOW
13.07.2018 DE / Lübeck / Treibsand - Lübeck
14.07.2018 DE / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE - Festival / Glaubitz Open Air 2018

Hope you got your tickets for the shows already.
It will better than any football game, promised. 


So make no mistake - THE MISTAKES are great !!!
F**king great Punk Rock from Poole / Dorset / England !
Its so f**king right to work with this great bunch of lads now, we became friends in a hard beat !
And thanks to iDfix management too...
Their sound can be described as The Clash meets Rancid meets Dropkicks meets Streetdogs meets Beatsteaks !
Yes, Beatsteaks and so The Mistakes will come to Berlin to record their first full album with the help of one of the Beatsteaks family members soon !!!
We will tell you more details about it when it all happens.
In the meanwhile listen to their selfproduced EP 'Anti-Social Media', well... best on a social media, like on Spotify - hahahaha !!!
Booking w/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Endlich bekommt die Meute was sie braucht.
Hass Aggropunk Fest 2018 - Berlin - Cassiopeia
Aggropunk Fest 2018 - Nürnberg - ZBau

In case you haven´t heard.
TV Smith comes to:

14.06.2018 DE / Karlsruhe / P8
15.06.2018 DE / Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock / Whatever Happens Festival

Hello folks,
We are super happy to announce the upcoming "10 year anniversary tour" of The Rumjacks !

Many more shows will be announced soon and we will have more great news in The Rumjacks universe for you in the next couple of weeks!
So watch this space and more infos will follow soon!

We can't wait for October & November to come!