Mutti - punk rock was my first love - Premiere

Saturday, August 30th 2014 // at Gleispark in Berlin.
radioeins Parkfest im Park am Gleisdreieck


After six weeks of touring through europe The Real McKenzies are back home with a big hungover and jet lag.
Thank you guys for this crazy time. See you soon, hopefully!

Furthermore we would like to thank all promoter, festivals and of course all the fans who came around.
It was a blast!!!

Follow this link to see some impressions of the tour:

#1 In case you haven't hear it: The Tips are going to support two shows of The Toasters! Isn't it great?
27.11.2014 GER / Essen / turock - disco, live-club and lounge
29.11.2014 GER / cassiopeia Berlin

#2 The Go Set are touring through germany right now and hit the stage in berlin on saturday, august 23rd, at Core Tex Fest with Cockney Rejects, Murphys Law, Oxo86 and many more bands at SO36.

#3 Also on saturday the great guys of Idle Class play in Sonsbeck @ Rock Am Dick.
On october 3rd they will be back in berlin to hit the stage with Smile And Burn at the Cassiopeia!

#4 Last chances to see The Real McKenzies on this tour! After seven weeks of non-stop touring through europe these are their last dates:
20.08.2014 AUT / Vienna / DasBACH
21.08.2014 AUT / Graz / Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
22.08.2014 CH / Magadino / Openèr Gambarögn
23.08.2014 ITA / Brescia / Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto

Have a great week! The weekend is coming closer....


Look how is back in Germany! The BellRays from America! Don't miss them, they are really awesome and mind-blowing!

22.08.2014 GER / Hamburg / Hafenklang
24.08.2014 GER / Duisburg / Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg
25.08.2014 GER / Berlin / Auster-Club
26.08.2014 GER / Erfurt / Stadtgarten Erfurt
27.08.2014 GER / Würzburg / Immerhin Würzburg

On October, Lisas other band will hit the stages in Germany - Lisa & The Lips! Check for more infos!

We wish the SO36 all best on it's 36th birthday. This unique place where we always love to arrange and visit shows!
After a whole week of celebrating they invite for their big gala "36 years SO36" tomorrow! Make sure to come around.

Another great birthday is on august 30th.
Laut gegen Nazis will be 10 years old!
On this occasion they invited besides BONSAI KITTEN bands like Bela B & Smokestack Lightnin´ feat. Peta Devlin, Phrasenmäher, The Dead Lovers, The Cave Riot and Age Of Sound to the "Große Freiheit 36" in Hamburg. Tickets are availabe!

We wish all of you a great weekend - if it's your birthday or not.


Hey everybody,
please remember that The Go Set are going to start their tour through germany tomorrow.
Get a ticket and enjoy one of their shows. You won't be sorry!

It's a must to go to:
13.08.2014 GER / Hamburg / Downtown Bluesclub
14.08.2014 GER / Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf
16.08.2014 GER / Ildwede / Stemweder Open Air
17.08.2014 GER / Karlsruhe / Scruffy's Irish Pub
19.08.2014 GER / Chemnitz / Subway to Peter
20.08.2014 GER / Dresden / Chemiefabrik Dresden (Chemo)
22.08.2014 GER / Wetzlar / Carroll's- Irish Pub
23.08.2014 GER / Berlin / SO36 "Core Tex Fest"


Hey folks!
Here are some great news from one of our favorite folkpunk band from England! Roughneck Riot are releasing a new record in october! The name of the record is "Out of anger" will be awesome! Promise!
And of course - they will be on tour in the end of october for two weekes! So if you want to see the guys - get in contact with us! - katja@muttis-booking.

Have a great weekend - and check our tourdates for all the shows this weekend! The Real McKenzies are still on Tour in Europe! The Go Set started their tour yesterday at the Punk Rock Holiday and are on their way to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK. After the show their, they will be sharing the stage with Roughneck Riot and The Forum Walters from Austria. Also NH3The Offenders are on their way to play some festivals! So make sure you to check our page for all the infos! Cheers!



Hey Folks,

happy 1st august and a wonderful international beer day!

This month we send a lot of bands on the road. You can nearly spend each day at concert - isn't it great?

Idle Class, Loikaemie, Los Fastidios, The Offenders, The Real McKenzies and The Tips will just kick off this weekend:

The Offenders - GER / Unterschleißheim / Nordebeat Ska Festival
The Real McKenzies - ESP / Gijon / Festical Arcu Atlanticu
The Tips - GER / Veltheim / Porta Westfalica

Idle Class - GER / Veltheim / Porta Westfalica
Loikaemie & Los Fastidios - GER / Strausberg / Resist to Exist Festival
The Real McKenzies - ESP / Viveiro / Resurrection Festival
The Tips - GER / Alfeld / ABRISS Festival (NEW SHOW!)

The Real McKenzies - FRA / Albi / XTREMFEST

Check out our "On Tour" section for all dates!

See you on the road - sooner or later!

Hey everybody!
We have bad news for the russian fans of The Real McKenzies (but some good news for the fans in france & southern germany.)!
Unfortunately the guys had to cancel their show at Kubana Festival in Anapa due logistical problems. We and the band are very sorry about this - keep an eye on their website! But make sure to visit the festival anyway, because the line up is amazing, e.g. Madness, Zebrahead, Bastille and many more!

But of course, they boys want to play some shows. So we found some new gigs!
17.08.2014 - FRA / tba. - more infos coming soon!
18.08.2014 - GER / Freiburg / Walfisch
19.08.2014 - GER / Straßkirchen / PLUTONIUM-Klub

See you on the road.

New weekend - great shows - more fun!

While The Real McKenzies are still on the road The Adicts are finishing their tour - and tomorrow both will be at the Rock Your Brain Fest in Selestat, France.
(Watch out! We will announce some new Real McKenzies shows on Monday!)

Another bunch of our great bands, Idle Class (on Friday) and Atlas Losing Grip (on Saturday), are going to play at RIEZ OPEN AIR in Bausendorf.
There are still tickets available!

The Offenders and NH3 SKA/CORE hit the stage tomorrow (26.07) in Augsburg @ Copa Augusta.
Great couple - you don't want to miss this!

And finally Los Fastidios are on their way to play at Umsonst & Draussen Lindau with bands like Mad Caddies and Biohazard.

Collect some friends, have a couple of beers and enjoy your weekend!
See you on the road!


The Adicts are in town! Their van is prepared and ready for the road.

Make sure you visit at least one show:

19.07. GER / Glaubitz / Back To Future Festival
20.07. CZE / Brno / Melodka
21.07. HUN / Budapest / Dürer Kert
22.07. SLK / Kosice / Collosseum Club
23.07. SLK / Bratislava / Majestic Music Club
24.07. ITA / Neapel / Festa Di Riscossa Popolare
25.07. CH / Lugano / Longlake Festival
26.07. FRA / Selestat / Rock Your Brain Fest

Have a great weekend and:

Hey everybody!

This weekend is full of good music. Our bands are on their way to play in front of you. Some of them hit the stage in the Czech Republic to play at the "Might Sounds Festival". Other bands stay in Germany to play the "Horst Festival", "Fonsstock Festival" or at the "Volcano Festival".

I'm pretty sure you will find something in your area! Fingers crossed for good and sunny weather! Have a couple of beers and enjoy some music! See you on the road! Cheers!

For more infos, please check our tourdates - section!

11.07.2014 GER / Würzburg / B-Hof
12.07.2014 GER / Theley / Volcano Festival

11.07.2014 CZE / Tabor / Mighty Sounds Festival
12.07.2014 GER / Nordenham / Fonsstock Festival

11.07.2014 GER / Nordenham / Fonsstock – Festival
12.07.2014 GER / Prölsdorf / Krach am Bach

11.07.2014 CZE / Tabor / Mighty Sounds Festival          w/ The Real McKenzies
12.07.2014 GER / Neustadt – Gleve (bei Ludwigslust) / Burning Summer Festival w/ Talco, T.C.H.I.K

11.07.2014 ESP / El Bonillo (Albacete) / Alterna Festival
12.07.2014 GER / Neustadt – Glewe (bei Ludwigslust) / Burning Summer Festival   w/ Redska, ...
13.07.2014 CZE / Tabor / Mighty Sounds Festival

11.07.2014 GER / Isny im Allgäu / Eberz, Die Musikbar
12.07.2014 GER / Lindau / Stadtfest
13.07.2014 GER / Mönchengladbach / HORST Festival

The next Talco tours starts tomorrow with a lot of Fiestas and Festivals in Spain and appreances at Burning Summer Festival in Germany (with RedSka) and Mighty Sounds Festival in Czech Republic (with The Real McKenzes, The Offenders, and Redska).Also we have a lot of new shows confirmed for them in ESP / CAT / EUS/....

04.07.2014 CAT / Sant Celoni / Rebrot
05.07.2014 ESP / Plasencia / Mayorga Rockfest
06.07.2014 ESP / Sevilla / ACD Hollander
08.07.2014 EUS / Pamplona / Herriko Taberna
10.07.2014 ESP / Valencia / Loco Club
11.07.2014 ESP / El Bonillo (Albacete) / Alterna Festival
12.07.2014 GER / Neustadt – Glewe (bei Ludwigslust) / Burning Summer Festival w/ Redska, ...
13.07.2014 CZE / Tabor / Mighty Sounds Festival

Great news for everybody!
On July 10th our vacation starts and The Real McKenzies will be in town!

Forget your stress at work / school and have a great evening with us at the SO36.
Supported by The Brains from Canada and Larkin Celtic Folkrock from Berlin we make sure you enjoy your free time with awesome music.

If you are not in Berlin - don't worry.
There are more great opportunities to see them:

10.07.2014 GER / Berlin / SO36
11.07.2014 CZE / Tabor / Mighty Sounds
12.07.2014 GER / Nordenham / Fonsstock Festival
14.07.2014 GER / Hannover / Béi Chéz Heinz
16.07.2014 GER / Hamburg / Hafenklang
17.07.2014 GER / Glaubitz / BACK TO FUTURE
18.07.2014 POL / Jarocin / Jarocin Festiwal
19.07.2014 GER / Espenau, bei Kassel / Rocken, bitte. Festival
22.07.2014 GER / Die Kieler Schaubude
24.07.2014 NOR / Arendal / Canal Street Festival
25.07.2014 GER / Essen / Cafe Nord Open Air
26.07.2014 FRA / Selestat / ROCK YOUR BRAIN Fest
27.07.2014 NLD / Lichtenvoorde / Zwartecross
28.07.2014 FRA / Saulzoir / Open Air
29.07.2014 FRA / Paris / Petit Bain
30.07.2014 FRA / Bordeaux / Heretic Club
31.07.2014 ESP / Vitoria-Gasteiz / Beer Fest
31.07.2014 ESP / Algorta / City Party
01.08.2014 ESP / Gijon / Festical Arcu Atlanticu
02.08.2014 ESP / Viveiro / RESURRECTION FEST
03.08.2014 FRA / Albi / Xtreme FEST
06.08.2014 SLO / Tolmin / Punk Rock Holiday
07.08.2014 AUT / Feldkirch / Poolbar Festival
08.08.2014 GER / Villmar / Tells Bells Festival
09.08.2014 BEL / Ieper / Ieperfest
10.08.2014 FRA / St.Maurice d.G.- Lyon / Sylak OPEN AIR
14.08.2014 ESP / Villena / Aúpa Lumbreiras!! [Oficial]
18.08.2014 RUS / Anapa / Kubana Festival
20.08.2014 AUT / Vienna / DasBACH
21.08.2014 AUT / Graz / Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
22.08.2014 CH / Magadino / Openèr Gambarögn
23.08.2014 ITA / Bresica / Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto

See you soon.

Early May we had LOS FASTIDIOS were germany in May for three days and here a good quality Livevideo for "Antifa Hooligans" recorded in Hamburg/ Berlin and Hannover! Regie & Schnitt: Mathias Söhn! Check it out, its really good quality and professionally filmed & cutted!

Hey everybody!

We have a special announcement to make!
On Saturday, October 25th LISA AND THE LIPS will hit the stage at the Rockpalast - Crossroads!
Together with bands like "We Invented To Paris", "The Smith Street Band" and "Baby in Vain".
So don't miss this awesome show! Tickets will be on sale soon!

More toudates of LISA AND THE LIPS will be announced very soon! So stay tune for more!


We had a great weekend with the boys from The Tips!
Thanks to everyone how showed up for some crazy video shots!

See you soon boys! It's always a pleasure.

In about a month we send a bunch of our bands to the great BACK TO FUTURE - Festival in Glaubitz. From July 17th until July 19th you can see there The Real McKenzies, The Adicts, Los Fastidios and Fahnenflucht. Make sure to buy your ticket now or try to win some (check out their festival-page)!


HEY EVERYBODY! There is a new video in town, from our favorite band from Münster - Idle Class.
Watch this awesome video and share it like hell!
No one was hurt - no whales, no bassist, no drummer, no singers ... only the guitarist a little bit...

Hey everybody!

Yiiiippppiiieee! We are very proud to show you our new website AND announce the tour of an awesome soul band.
THE PEPPER POTS from Catalonia!
Don't miss the great girls and boys. The will hit the stage in the following cities and venues.

16.09.2014 GER / Erfurt / Engelsburg
17.09.2014 GER / Fürstenwalde / Club im Park
18.09.2014 GER / Berlin / Auster Club
19.09.2014 GER / Wilhelmshafen / KlingKlang
20.09.2014 GER / Hamburg / Reeberbahn Festival
21.09.2014 GER / Köln / Sonic Ballroom

I really hope, you like our new website. Make sure to suscribe our newsletter to be up to date!

TALCO will have a very busy 2nd half of 2014, we have around 40 dates announced for them and more are still to come. On July 18th, 2014 their first Liverecord will be released on Destiny Records. They recorded two shows in Iruna / Pamplona last November and the CD Version will also contain a Bonus DVD with a documentary about thier band history! Check out the video of the first single of "10 Years" "L'Odore della Morte"!


Los Fastidios - officialpage have a new line-up. Luca (Guitar) is leaving the band after 5 years due to conflicts with his work and Giacomo (Drums) must reduce his muscial activties due to work as well. Thanks to both for all the years we had the pleasure to work with you and we welcome Dave & Mario!

Next shows:
06.06. GER / Essen / Panic Attack Festival
07.06. GER / Leipzig / Roter Stern Party w/ The Movement & Fahnenflucht

Hey everybody!
TV Smith is on the road, BONSAI KITTEN will rock the stage at Werk2-Kulturfabrik on May 23rd (this Friday!!) and the Cyanide Pills (New and Official) are ready for the first show of their tour at RUHRPOTT RODEO in Hünxe next weekend (May 29th - 31st).
Also Talco, TV Smith and other great bands like Against me, Terrorgruppe and Pennywise will be there!
Get a ticket and enjoy about three days this awesome lineup (check the flyer)!

29.05.GER / Hünxe / Ruhrpott Rodeo
30.05.GER / Fürth / U&D am Lindenhain
31.05.CHE / Solothurn / Kopfmehl
01.06.GER / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei
02.06.GER / Kassel / Haus
03.06.GER / Köln / Sonic Ballroom
04.06.GER / Hamburg / Hafenklang
05.06.GER / Berlin / Wild At Heart
06.06.GER / Leipzig / Stoned
07.06.GER / Dresden / Atomsmasher Punkrock Festival
08.06.GER / Panic Room Essen
06.09.BEL / Brüssel / Roots Rock Cardinal

See you there.

Tomorrow on May 14th TV Smith starts his tour in Hamburg.
He will travel through whole Germany and play some shows with Meg' n Jez , The Boys, PamP, Harry Gump and Bifi's until his final show at the Ruhrpott Rodeo in Hünxe.

These are the places to be:
14.05.2014 GER / Hamburg / Hafenklang
15.05.2014 GER / Frankfurt / Ponyhof
16.05.2014 GER / Aschaffenburg / Hannebambel
17.05.2014 GER / Horb-Mühringen / Cafe Amerika w/ Meg‘n’Jez
19.05.2014 CH / Zürich / Hafenkneipe
21.05.2014 GER / Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen
22.05.2014 GER / Ludwigsburg / Rock’n’Roll Bar
23.05.2014 GER / Dortmund / Stadion Rote Erde „Akustik Festival“ w/ El Fish, Elvis Pummel
24.05.2014 GER / Kantine Augsburg w/ The Boys
25.05.2014 GER / Hirsch Lindenberg w/ PamP
27.05.2014 GER / Pfarrkirchen / Bogaloo w/ PamP, Harry Gump
29.05.2014 GER / Mücke, Nieder Ohmen / Bifi’s w/ PamP
30.05.2014 GER / Hünxe / RUHRPOTT RODEO

We are happy and proud to announce that THE TiPS will be the supporting act for MAD CADDIES in Braunschweig on July 22nd.

If you don't want to miss this special ska-reggae-punk summernight get some tickets soon via eventim!

See you there.

(This great Photo is from Dariusz Misztal Photography)

Have you bought their new record OCCUPY YOURSELF? No? Why not? It is out since march 28th! Available on cd, download (Itunes / mp3) and as a limited edition of white vinyl.

They are on tour! Besides their record release show in Berlin on april 17th at Bi Nuu you can find them here:
11.04 Bamberg / Sound n Arts
03.05 Nordhausen / Destille
09.05 Duesseldorf / Pitcher
10.05 near Zittau / Neisse Filmfestival
23.05 Leipzig / Werk 2
31.05 Sebnitz / Wonnemond-Festival
06.06 Siegen / Vortex Musikclub
07.06 Heilbronn / Plan B
06.09 Trier / Exhaus
26.09 Potsdam / Club Charlotte
Tickets for the record release show are still available at Koka36! Doors: 21.00 / Support: The Devil 'n' Us / Aftershowparty with DJ Lobotomy

A couple of days ago they visited RadioEins to talk about their new record. If you wanna hear it again visit the website of RadioEins!

At least and in case you missed it: There is a new video. It is called HEARTCORE and you can watch it on youtube.

TALCO will release a 7inch (Limited to 500 - color) on May 23rd on Destiny records. It will contain "L'Odore della Morte" and as Bonus Track a Kortatu Cover.

It an appetizer for their new liverecord "10 Years - Live in Irunia" which they record last November on two shows in Palomona, coming in July. The CD version will also contain a Bonus-DVD, the LP is a double LP in Gatefoldcover.

We just found out Dave Gregg who played for years in The Real McKenzies and also in the early days of D.O.A. is not longer with us!
All our thoughts are with your loved ones now !
We gonna missing you forever !
Shine on you crazy diamond !

Muttis Booking Crew

Desde Ipswich, Inglaterra, llegan THE CLOCKWORK BOYS, quienes ofrecerán una única y exclusiva fecha en el Estraperlo Club de Badalona el próximo 31 de Marzo.

La banda regresa a sus inicios y unicamente interpretarán clásicos de sus 2 primeros discos, "Songs of Praise" (1981) y "Sound of Music" (1982). Sin parafernalias ni confeti la mítica banda interpretará clásicos como "Viva La Revolution", "Numbers", "Chinese Takeaway", "How Sad" o "Joker in the Pack". Disfrazados de La Naranja Mecánica nos deleitarán con su versión más primitiva en lo que promete ser una noche épica. Os esperamos a todos el próximo 31 de Marzo ya que conciertos como este no se dan todos los días y es una oportunidad única para todos los seguidores de la mítica banda de Ipswich de disfrutar de ellos en un ambiente más íntimo y familiar.

¡Señores y señoras, con todos vosotros THE CLOCKWORK BOYS!

Abriendo la velada tendremos a AUTODESTRUCCIÓ presentando su nuevo CD de la mano de B-Core.

Today we send THE ADICTS on their WORLD TOUR!

They will start tomorrow in Bilbao, Basque Country, and travel around a month through Spain, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Russia, China and Israel. After rocking the Punk & Disorderly Festival right here in Berlin on April 13th and before their european final on Stockholms Pretty Shitty Kjiell Festival they will hanging out with you in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Make sure you invest your time in visiting one or two shows of them.

Get adicted!

Dear Friends,

in less than two weeks The Bloodtypes will start their European tour with us in Berlin. Make sure you come around here in Germany. Or in France, Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands. The Bloodtypes are everywhere!
They will bring along their debut record on vinyl as well as a special edition shirt design - and of course a whole bunch of other fun stuff!
So pick up your friends and family and visit them in a town near you.

See you there.

Hey Folks,

we hope you had a wonderful St. Patricks Day!
At this point we want to say THANK YOU for a great third Folk Punk Rock Festival at the SO36 last week. We had a amazing day with Mr. Irish Bastard, The Wakes, The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats & The Grolschbusters.
Hopefully you had a great evening, too! Thank you again for coming around, dancing, drinking and singing!

We wish you a great day and a worthwhile hung-over!

See you soon and of course: Slainte!

One day left 'till Mr. Irish Bastard, The Wakes, The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats & The Grolschbusters hit the Stage at SO36! Don't miss this!


We are happy to announce we finally get TALCO to Japan!!! They will play July 23rd in Tokyo at the Club Asia at "Radical Music Network Show" and we have a lot more news coming for them soon!