Dick York and Vom Ritchie met in late 1979 in Basildon, Essex (England). At that time Dick was the guitarist and singer with the legendary pop/mod band Sta Prest and Vom swung his drum sticks with a band called the “Miracle babies”.

Together they began writing songs together in 1980 and formed a band called “Cry Dyaan”, which quickly became a hot newcomer to the UK’s ‘New Wave’ scene. However, Life had other plans and by 1983 they went their seperate ways, Dick getting a ‚proper job‘ and Vom going on to play for „Doctor And The Medics”, who went on to secure international success with the single ‚Spirit in the sky‘. Vom later joined “Die Toten Hosen”, but still continued to play with and support other musical projects drumming for British punk legends „The Boys“,“TV Smith” and “Buster Shuffle” among others.

But the old songs they had written together remained stuck in Vom’s head, so in 2009 he started searching for Dick again. He found him living in England and the two met and re-formed as Cryssis with Thomas Schneider („Fehlfarben”,“ Beatlesons „) on bass & Trip („#RRRauke, “KIM?“) on guitar. By 2011 their first Album ‚Simple Men‘ was recorded and released, soon followed by ‚Kursaal Nights‘ two years later. During this time and in the years that followed, the band played many shows including ‘Special Guest’ appearances with the “Donots”, “Die Ärzte”, and the “Dropkick Murphy’s”. They continued to appear live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the UK and in 2014 their first 7” vinyl single ‚Fighting in Brighton‘ was released.

In 2018 they came together to record the album ‘1976’. Whilst making the album, they got Laura Knapp, a brilliant violinist, to join them on several songs. Follwing the release and subsequent live shows, the band invited her to become a full time member .

Since then, Cryssis have continued to play live and tour, as electric and unplugged, even going as far afield as Argentina – a trip that had such a impact on the band, they released their second 7” single called ‚Argentina‘ in 2019.

They are currently working on new songs for the next Album.

Cryssis describe themselves as a “Power Pop band. They all shared a love for loud guitars, paired with catchy melodies and have a reputation for energetic live performances that are unforgettable.

If you have not seen this band then you should!!!

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