SaudiaYoung - a Berlin based actress, singer and storyteller with powerful soul
drenched vocals & her ‘ Noir Rhythm & Blues ' band are stealing hearts one
stage at a time. Noir Rhythm & Blues is a combination of Bo Diddley style
R&B, Rockabilly, and Dark Americana. Influences and comparisons include
Etta James, Nick Curran; Sugar Pie Desanto and Big Mamma Thornton.
Saudia Young`s caramel vocals, humorous charismatic stage presence, along
with the musician’s constant striving for excellence, make this an act not to be
missed. Young and crew put on an old school show that evokes dancing,
laughter and love. Young recently released a video for her 12” debut
‘Unlovable’. The record was recorded live at Berlin’s legendary Lightning
Recorders with ten musicians and the video shot at the Grand and in the
streets of Berlin. Young is currently at work on a new vinyl 7” with Lars Vegas.
‘If Big Mamma Thornton and Nick Curran and Lenny Bruce had a baby, she
would be Saudia Young’.
“The greatest female growler in Germany” -Dj Christopher Rose-Berlin
“She is an amazing talent. A comedic actress with a killer voice. The stage
show is ferocious”

‘Unlovable’ official video 2020
‘Unlovable’ 12” Vinyl 2018
Saudia Young-Noir Rockabilly Blues 7” Vinyl 2017
Saudia Young EP 2013
Artboy Love EP 2007

Line up:
Lars Vegas-guitar
Andy Sire-contra bass
Marlon Browden-drums





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