Wir freuen uns, dass du dem größten, kleinsten Streaming-Festival der Welt einen Besuch abstattest.

So warmherzig kann nur Cäptn Fabsi seine Seefahrer*innen empfangen. Also raus aus der Koje, ach nee, geht jetzt anders. Hier geht's zur Rock´n´Roll Butterfahrt.

We are happy to announce new Talco dates in 2022!!!

The Rumjacks have just released their new album "HESTIA" today!!!

“Am 12. März erscheint das lang erwartete neue Album der Celtic-Punk-Band The Rumjacks. Hestia erscheint via ABC Records und beinhaltet 14 Songs. Seit 12 Jahren sind The Rumjacks mittlerweile aktiv. Jetzt auf dem fünften Album gibt es aber eine wesentliche Änderung. Mit Mike Rivkees ist ein neuer Sänger an Bord. Mike ergänzt die Australisch, Italienisch und Irischen Wurzeln und Einflüssen der Band jetzt mit seinen eigenen Amerikanischen genauer gesagt Bostoner Wurzeln zu einer globalen Celtic Punk Interpretation.......Meine Favoriten und Anspieltipps sind Naysayers, Sainted Millions und Hestia, aber auch der Rest der Songs weiß zu gefallen. Bei mir läuft das Album schon seit ein paar Tagen auf Dauerschleife''' Away From Life - GER

“Hay momentos puntuales que son vitales para el desarrollo de una banda. Ese cruce de vías donde hay que elegir camino. Y esa es la situación actual de The Rumjacks. Una formación multicultural que afronta una nueva etapa con el cantante y compositor Mike Rivkees. Catorce canciones componen el álbum ´Hestia´. Y en ellas encontraremos de todo; desde temas íntimos como ´Rhythm Of Her Name´ a piezas movidas como ´Light In My Shadow´. Lógicamente, muchas de ellas han sido compuestas con la mente puesta en los escenarios de los festivales, con miles de personas bailando y saltando. ´BullHead´ es un ejemplo de ello. Y aunque encontramos influencias de otros estilos (como el ska en ´Tell me What Happened´ ), la esencia Celtic Punk sigue muy presente'' Ipanema Leaks - ESP

“Hestia”, il quinto capitolo discografico targato The Rumjacks, segna una nuova era per la band, a partire dal nuovo frontman, Mike Rivkees, che con il suo stile in fatto di songwriting ha donato nuove energie e spirito collaborativo alla band.“Hestia” trae le sue energie dalla musica folk tradizionale, dalla luce del fuoco, da un approaccio cupo, grintoso e storicamente consapevole'' Suffer Music Magazine - ITA

Hestia, the fifth studio album from The Rumjacks, marks a new era for the band. The album introduces new lead singer Mike Rivkees, whose songwriting skills have rejuvenated The Rumjacks’ collaborative spirit. The album takes the energy of traditional folk music, lights it on fire, then sprinkles it with ash. Dark, gritty, and historically aware, this is music grounded in the character of the Rebel.....The Rumjacks apply their diverse American, Australian, Italian, and Irish perspectives to create a new, globalized iteration of the Celtic punk legacy dating back to The Pogues, with the influences of punk, ska, and hard rock pulsing through their veins.'' Punk IN Focus - UK

To all the live on stage music fans, friends and family of the bands and shows we put on !
We have to say, that we dont know, what can happen soon and when.
The pandemic numbers are still going up and down and its still safety for your health first and no plan, when we all will be back to the clubs and festivals, we love so much !!!
In this sense Muttis Booking Büro has to tell you that we are not planing for shows to happen in march, april and may of 2021 any more.
At the moment we are working on the postponements....again and since its hard to find new fee dates, it will be a little while, till we know all the new landing dates.
Fingers crossed for more news next week.
June and on, we are still hopefull, many people fight for their right to be free again, while they keep themselfes to the rules and messurements necessary to overcome this pandemic and simply stay alive.
We all suffer, not only by not having the chance to pogo down the halls of your favorite live venues, go to the pub across the bar and celebrate a great performance or take the loved ones to a restaurant or cinema, to simply escape the depression.
WE, THE BANDS, THE PROMOTERS, THE CREWS SUFFER NOT HAVING ANY INCOME - so please, stay with us, keep the flame of Rock'n'Roll, Punkrock and all the great sounds our bands can deliver alive.
Keep your tickets, buy more, there will be shows again.
Dont know when, but will let you know as soon as we know, so stay tuned with us to find out, when we are rockin' again !!!
Much love !
here are a few postponements known already:
The Offenders, support The Feelgood McLouds, at Clash Berlin, Berlin 20.03.2021 >>> now on 29.12.2021 The Offenders at Boots Night Bremen, Bremen >>> now on 25.02.2022 The Offenders at Café Wagner Jena, Jena >>> now on 23.10.2021
The Offenders at Rock Am Kuhteich will happen on 07.05.2021 - already sold out - seated event !
The Porters at Gleis 22, Münster 06.03.2021 >>> now on 25.03.2022
The Rumjacks dutch dates march 16th till 18th >>> postponed to 2022, more details soon.
also postponed dates for The Rumjacks in march, april and may 2021 gonna be reannounced asap.
Fahnenflucht at APEN AIR Festival 29.05.2021 >>> postponed to 28.05.2022
Paddy Rock Open Air in Hameln, incl The Rumjacks show got postponed to june 2022.
But there will be a Paddy Rock Stage at the Pflasterfest, Hamelns city party, on the 29.08.2021, The Porters and Masons Arms gonna be featured on this stage !

Yes!!! Fahnenflucht werden am 28.5.21 wieder kübelweise ihren Zorn über die Republik schütten.

"Weiter Weiter" erscheint am 28.5.21

Für Booking im Herbst mail an: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To the Punkrockers of this world !
We are full of hope to see the fabulous, legendary, always delivering the good Punk - THE UK SUBS, on stages near you in the future.
Check out this tour flyer and make sure, you grap a ticket, when you feel safe and we all can roam free again !
We will not give in !!! We are hopefull to rock out with all ya soon !

CHEERS from UK SUBS, Muttis Booking Büro

Hey there. We made a new Spotify Playlist for you to enjoy!

It keeps you warm in cold times, offers good mood and saves you from goin´nuts!!! Hopefully, see you all soon.

Muttis Booking Playlist