Lord Bishop Rocks

Muttis Booking is happy to become part of the extatic journey of the motorfunk soul guitar band Lord Bishop Rocks !!!

It’s a new year and the electric hendrix motorfunk soul guitar sounds of Lord Bishop Rocks are coming to your ears, your town and the beat inside you that wants to tear some s**t down AND find out how truly intense and dedicated you can be to the change you want in today’s world. 

Over two decades and thousands of performances have moved the dynamic and electrifying sound & vocal range of lead singer/guitarist Lord BIshop to produce what we recognize as his BEST work yet! With a career born from the sounds of blues, punk and classic rock, this new era in the artistic journey of Lord Bishop has added a uniquely modern, mixed and raw sound that WILL be reckoned with by audiences everywhere.

Tracks like „Oops, Damn“ and „If I…“ will mesmerize you with a pulse of soulful vocals that motivate and groove you with catchy melodies to hum, beats that will pulse through your entire body and simple phrases to remember when you are in need of energy to move forward…and into POWER! 

This is not just an album or collection of songs, it’s a composition of themes that are human and eternal (such as the need to reject powerlessness, lust for freedom and to be one’s self). This epic new recording will be asking you to fall into the „Darkness“, hear what you can from your musical heart and be led once-and-for-all to „Oops, DAMN! Stand Up, Raise Your Hand!“ll and stop being a „Modern Day Slave“  




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