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“Rock and Roll is simply an attitude – You don’t have to play the greatest guitar”
These young musicians from Cologne, Germany are putting on that kind of show that New York Dolls Guitar
player Johnny Thunders was asking for. Perfectionism? It’s non-existent in the world of THE BACKYARD BAND.
But a whole lotta dirt, sweat and Rock’n’Roll attitude! Loud guitars, dynamic bass, a cracking kick-drum and a cutting harp.
Their music is too much Punk for the Blues- And too much Blues for the Punk. It is something in between.
But nonetheless … Punks, Bluesmen, Metal Heads, Hippies and even Indie/Alternative people coming to the
bands concerts and celebrating together. And YES! It is possible. Since 2010 the boys have played dozens of shows in clubs,
bars and festivals. That brought them a lot of attention and a record deal with German Indie Label Drumming Monkey Records,
followed by the release of their first official album „Second Hand” in May 2016. Over the past years since the album release,
from show to show all over Germany and neighbouring countries, the quartet have gathered a dedicated fan-base!
One of the many highlights was certainly the appearance at the legendary WDR ROCKPALAST festival in spring 2018,
which was also recorded and broadcasted on national TV: Rockpalast Video
Well provided with the power and the experience of these live shows, the band had entered the studio in winter 2018 and
recorded their new album titled “DRY” – 12 brand-new songs which win you over with a mix of Garage, Punk Rock and
Rhythm ’n’ Blues, deep-rooted in the traditions of the 60’s and 70’s rock without ever losing its footing in the present.
The new album DRY (CD, LP, Digital & Stream) was released via Rough Trade in February 2019.

Line Up:
Moritz Zergiebel – Vocals, Solo Guitar & Blues Harp
Sebastian Kleene – Rhythm Guitar
Simon Jahn – Bass
Maximilian Kleene – Drums


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